Why Menobeauty is China Leading Manufacturer?

As the first original manufacturer of 11 lines HIFU technology started from 2014,Menobeauty has over 7 years‘experiences for HIFU research,production and sale.

MENO have offered a lot OEM&ODM HIFU for lots of Chinese companies and overseas
Cartridge shots from 10,000 shots to 25,000 shots during this 7 years which you can see the hifu in the market mostly is original produced by Menobeauty!

Our engineer oem from software to outside body which totally customized for many companies and because Menobeauty is the only one leading factory of this 11 lines technology which are well known in all the China Equipment Industries.

We know so far there are some other Chinese companies produce and sell the hifu especially from GZ,which quality and inside electric parts is different.

Finally,As you can see from our website we do not have many categories only HIFU,RF VACUUM,OXYGEN Tech because we focus on the stable quality and reliability we care more quality than quantity.

We are very confident for our quality, and we offers 1 year warranty and life-time customer support to all MENOBEAUTY equipment.

If you are looking for anti aging and slimming asthetic machine,we are the best reliable factory you can trust!

Post time: Mar-11-2022