Focus RF Anti Wrinkles Machine

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40.68mhz Monopolar Focus RF technology

Thermolift with Vacuum for face,eyes

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    Unipolar RF   uses  Unipolar  RF  energy  to speed up metabolism of adipose tissue,visibly  smoothing the skin.delivers concentrated RF energy at deeper layers of the skin without patient discomfort.
    Vacuum  RF   BiPolar RF with vacuum energy creates local,superficial dermal heating

    Functional principle

    Thermolift’s features Dielectric Heating- a unique mechanism whereby high radiofrequency (RF) energy of 40.68 MHz (sending 40.68 million signals per second) is transmitted directly to the tissue, causing rapid rotation of its water molecules. This

    rotation generates friction which produces powerful and effective heat. Because skin is composed mostly of water, the heating from this mechanism induces volumetric contraction within the skin- contracting existing fibers and stimulating the

    formation of new collagen while improving its thickness and alignment. A high RF frequency allows for deep, homogenous heating which produces uniform results.

    ● Dual RF modes produce therapeutic heat within the target tissue in two ways:

    BiPolar RF energy creates local, superficial dermal heating

    UniPolar technology delivers concentrated RF energy at deeper layers of the skin without patient discomfort.

    ● In-Motion™ Technology

    In-motionTM technology represents a breakthrough in patient comfort and

    procedure speed, with repeatable clinical results. The sweeping In-motion

    technique involves moving the applicator repeatedly over the target area,

    applying energy over a large grid for reshaping and contouring of large areas. 

    In-motion provides a gradual build-up of heat within the target tissue until it

    reaches a therapeutic temperature, providing more comfortable treatment

    without the risk of injury.

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