Vertical fractional rf with cooling tech

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Fractional RF with cooling technology

Face lifting,anti aging Radio frequency

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Functional principle

Lattice RF Technology

● Applying multi-groups of parallel matrix on the treatment head with patent design to the epidermis to form aperture in micro, then reticular energy formed on the epidermis shall be delivered to deeper skin , the grid realizes the effect of balanced distribution of sectional RF energy on the surface of the skin, and avoids local burn of the skin caused by unbalanced energy. The energy is in high desity and with powerful penetration, it delivers the RF current to deeper skin through the micron aperture, and delivers the highfrequency electric wave of the energy from the probe to the skin to cause the contraction effect of collagen and activate the renewal and reconstruction. And the Remage can achieve the effects of comprehensive improvement of different skin problems, solving the problem of bulky pore, coarse lacklustre, sagging, fine lines and other aging problems, and after the treatment the skin is just like newly born.

● When the RF electric takes effect on the skin tissue, it causes uniform heating to the fat, the fat tissue will be softened, shrinked and decomposed after absorbing energy, thus the effect of dissolving fat and shaping could be achieved.

● The energy can be divided into grades from 1 to 20, treatment is conducted with different specifications of needleless probes to achieve optimum results. In addition, it is customized for the treatment to the face and abodmen, and small probe is configured for the consideration of the sensitive and weak skin around eyes. The probe will not cause harm to the eye, and it can plays the best treatment results more safely. 

● Skin refirming by RF has history of more than one decade,it is good assistant of the doctor and the beauty feild, with numerous customers of its treatment, and definitely with guaranteed results. Everyone has different degrees of resistance in their bodies, the same energy imposed to different treatment recipients, it will cause different effects, if the recipient of treatment has higher resistance inside the body, then it’s not easy for the flow of the current, and will greatly reduce the effects e of the treatment.

● The equipment has been matched with intelligent resistance sensor function which will sense the degree of the resistance in the body of the treatment recipient before distributing the energy, thus adjust the energy according to the data, and it will actually heating up only after calculating the resistance, so appropriate energy could be precisely released on the bottom layer of the skin. Please make sure the energy is distributed consistently and uniformly to avoid the problem of too big or too small energy, in case of burns or reduced effects.

● RF + Energy(Heat)=restructuring collagen(curl-shaped structure)

● Slowly heat it to proper temperature, make the intramolecular hydrogen bond facture, and tightens the skin tissue immediately.

● The combination of collagen albumen gland will make the whole structure more stable and more tightening, and will strengthen collagen, thus make the skin more shapely and more taut.

● Cooling and freezing Tech

● It converts electrical energy into the cooling source through high-tech semiconductor technology, by using cold and heat dual prosthetics  the cooling source then shall go beneath the skin in the form of pixels,

● Through ice cold source, using the lattice of cold and hot double repair in into the skin, which can adjust the temperature of the skin, balance various functions of the skin, improve immunity of the skin, calm the skin, thus effectively work wonders for the skin and shrink pores. In this way, the skin shall be more elastic, smooth, soft and moist.

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