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China orginal manufacturer

multiline 11 lines HIFU

Hifu with 8 cartridges for face&body

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● China First Original Manufacturer

● 11 lines HIFU Patent No. ZL2015 2 0088495.8

● Menobeauty has offered a lot Customized OEM since 2014,HIFU cartridges total lines can be 10000 shots,20000 shots,25000 shots,26000 shots depends on your market.

● Total 8 Cartridges


How HIFU works?
Meno 3D HIFU adopts HIFU focused ultrasound technology which is not like lasers, radio frequency, surgery and other technologies, It is non-surgical.
The (Advanced High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) steer around the surface of the skin to deliver the precise and fractional of ultrasound energy at the right depths (i.e.3.0mm/ 4.5mm SMAS layer) without damaging or disrupting the epidermal tissue of skin and the right temperature 65~70℃. This energy stimulates the new collagen to reproduction, which rejuvenates the skin leading to a more youthful and bright or to sharpen contouring. It is especially suitable for treating sagging skin with reasonable thickness as well.



Lift eyebrows and tighten blows Reduce frown lines
Lift and firm jowl area Soften smile lines
Reduce nasolabial folds Improve appearance of neck
Body sculpture Body contouring

Product advantage:                                          

1. Non-Invasive treatment both for face and body with different cartridge
2. Motor gear by matrix moving type from 1 line to 11 lines selectable
3. Security control system can distinguish different cartridge automatically
4. Special Cartridge connect method make sure no energy loss during the treatment
5. Professional mode with free setting parameter and memory function for saving data
6. Smart mode with limited energy and preseted parameters for simple and safe treatment
7. Uniform energy distribution brings better clinical effect and quickly treatment
8. 11lines Cartridge with long life span of 10000 lines,20,000 lines,25000 lines.   

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