Mini fractional rf device

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mini shape fractional rf +four polar rf technology 

eyebag removal,face lifting,wrinkle removal machine

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Product Detail

MicoRemage takes the advantages of the previous RF Equipment,starting from the concept of non-invasive, painless and comfort, it can tender and tighten the skin more closely, rejuvenation and keep youth for you forever.

● Applying multi-groups of parallel matrix on the treatment head with patent design to the epidermis to form aperture in micro, then the grids make the sectional RF energy be distributed balancedly, RF energy shall be delivered to deeper skin through these aperture and pores, and it will cause contraction effect of collagen and activate the renewal and reconstruction. MircroRemage can achieve the effects of comprehensive improvement for different skin problems with long-term effect of skin lifting and tightening.

● When the RF electric takes effect on the skin tissue, the fat tissue will be softened, shrinked and decomposed after absorbing energy, thus the effect of dissolving fat and shaping could be achieved.

● The energy can be divided into grades from 1 to 20, treatment is conducted with different specifications of needleless probes to achieve optimum results. In addition, small probe is configured and customized for the consideration of the sensitive, delicate and fragile skin around eyes. The probe will not cause harm to the eye, and it can plays the best treatment results more safely.


Functional principle

● Lattice RF Technology

Patent designed lattice RF non-invasive beauty treatment delivers RF energy to the epidermis through micron aperture in form of lattice, and it can heat deeper skin in large area, rapidly activate the renewal and reconstruction of collagens. Thus it achieves the effect of recovering reticular structure of the skin, promoting the metabolism of the skin, as well as wrinkle removal, tightening the skin and rejuvenation.

● Treatment results of the equipment

Rejuvenation, tightening the skin, restore skin elasticity,dispel pseudo wrinkles and repair authentci wrinkles.

Improve the dull and lusterless symptom, enhance dry skin and sallow complexions

Improve metabolism, activate the cell tissues, and rapidly initiate the new generacy of collagens.

Effectively promote facial lympha circulation and blood circulation, and solve the problem of edema.

Effectively improve the flabby facial skin, delicate facial sculpture, better and more ideal effects will be created when cooperate with other home care products

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