Oxygen Machine

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oxygen spray+injection system

face whitening moisturing function

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Functional principle


● Working principle

VITAL STREAM is a kind of environment-friendly and efficient equipment, extracting oxygen in the air via the method of physical destraction, and thus get pure oxygen with concentration of oxygen high as 98%. Combined with nozzle and spray gun in special design, by injecting oxygen, spraying oxygen and smelling oxygen etc. ways to directly reach wrinkles and dry spots of the skin, and make the skin rapidly absorb the oxygen, increase the cell activity of the human body, accelerate metabolism, achieving various unimaginable treatment effects.

● VITAL STREAM functional handle:


● High pressure oxygen injection treatment

By the pressure-booster device, and in rhythmic way combined with active concentrated essence, to do pure-oxygen massage to the skin, at the same time, inject oxygen and various active essence of the treatment products to deep skin, treat and improve wrinkles, flabby skin, skin pigmentation problems caused by lack of oxygen.

● Oxygen spraying treatment:

Mix oxygen and products of the treatment by the spraying gun to form mist flow and then spray on the surface of the skin, and absorbed through the micro circulation of the skin, thus treat various itch disease, sensitive skin, neurodermatitis, contact dermatitis, acne-prone skin.

The through the spray gun combine into the mix of oxygen spray mist in the skin surface, skin

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